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Hello future rector of Sts. Luke & James! We can't wait to meet you.

We are a strong church community located in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, not far from the city’s famed Chain of Lakes. Sts. Luke & James is a congregation composed of two newly combined churches that date back to 1918 and 1926, respectively. We accomplished this merger during the pandemic, which was no small task, but we're very proud of our progress.
"An inclusive Episcopal community aspiring to model Jesus by loving our neighbors, striving for justice, growing spiritually, and celebrating in word, music, and art."
Our mission statement
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Does this sound like you?

We’re looking for a dynamic full-time rector to lead us in the next steps of our consolidation and to move us forward as one body. We need someone who will help us discover and realize where the Spirit would have us go next with vitality and greater connection in service to our community. It's both an exciting opportunity and a tall order.
Here are some of the qualities we seek in a full-time rector:
  • Grounded in faith through prayer and spiritual practice
  • Able to strengthen relationships between parishioners and our neighbors
  • Inspire us through talented preaching, effectively communicating the Gospel and inspiring our parish to apply it in our everyday lives
  • Collaborative leader who is organized, works well with the Vestry and laity in decision-making, oversees fiscally sound practices ensuring a balanced budget and is a strong leader for our staff. (See our Annual Report)
  • Creative and engaging in leading us into the future
  • Seeks out and acknowledges the diverse talents and life experiences that our parishioners have to offer
  • An effective pastoral presence when members are suffering or in need
  • An effective listener, especially with regard to our ever-changing needs and dreams
  • Committed to personal growth and learning, and self-care
Why do we show up?
Congregation member Cecily Cutshall explains why she and her family have committed to our parish.
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"Every time I can't muster the energy to even say the creeds, I rely on your voices…"
Cecily Cutshall

You'll want to live here.

Minneapolis, known as the "City of Lakes" and the "City by Nature," is a year-round hot spot for great food, culture, outdoor activities, our sports teams, and much more. We even love winter. Learn more about our great city and all its great offerings.

Contact ECMN—the Diocese of Minnesota—to apply.

Dear God, you number our hairs and determine our days. You hang the stars and feed the sparrows. We trust you, God, for making all decisions great and small. Please guide our new rector to find the parish of Sts. Luke & James. Grant that person courage, strength, and compassion to discern the heart of us and the difference that our new rector can make here, with your help. We ask your wisdom and grace for discernment. With gratitude we offer you this prayer.