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An inclusive Episcopal community practicing the way of Jesus by loving our neighbors, striving for justice, growing spiritually, and celebrating in word, music, and art.
An inclusive Episcopal community practicing the way of Jesus by loving our neighbors, striving for justice, growing spiritually, and celebrating in word, music, and art.
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In the Baptismal vows we say in the Episcopal Church we promise to “respect the dignity of every human being.” At Sts. Luke & James we aspire to make that promise true and durable and evident in our lives. We hope you'll join with us to make our striving a reality. We will not be alone—as we say in our vows—"we will, with God's help."
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The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

In 1976, the General Convention of The Episcopal Church declared that “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church" (1976-A069). Since then, faithful Episcopalians have been working toward a greater understanding and radical inclusion of all of God’s children.

Along the way, The Episcopal Church has garnered a lot of attention, but with the help of organizations such as Integrity USA, the church has continued its work toward full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) Episcopalians. In 2003, the first openly gay bishop was consecrated; in 2009, General Convention resolved that God’s call is open to all; in 2012, a provisional rite of blessing for same-gender relationships was authorized, and discrimination against transgender persons in the ordination process was officially prohibited; and in 2015, the canons of the church were changed to make the rite of marriage available to all people, regardless of gender.

To our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender brothers, sisters and siblings: “The Episcopal Church welcomes you!”
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Soujourners, Wayfarers, Strangers

Ours is a congregation filled with spiritual variety. Some of us have been Episcopalians all of our lives, but perhaps the majority of our congregation consists of "spiritual wanderers." That is, our community is built from diverse spiritual stories. We are former Catholics and former fundamentalists that have sought a denomination with a more inclusive outlook. We are lapsed church-goers, coming back for a second look. We are seekers, wanting to know about the way of love.

Come join us! You will be welcome to participate in any way you choose.


We want your children to be part of our worship.

Children are an important part of our multigenerational community. We encourage them to be a part of our worship. They will learn by what they see, experience, and do. Doing is the key word, both in worship and faith development. Your children are invited to be active participants in worship.

There are “quiet bags” and children’s bulletins available at each entrance to the worship space. It is very acceptable for children to keep their hands busy during worship and we try to provide tools that make those moments easier.

A special children’s area called the “Pray Ground” is available to children and parents/guardians during worship. It is located in the transept space directly across the piano and choir transept. A rug is situated in this area with the intention that children may want to sit on the floor or even lie down.
photo of students in Prayground
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Join Us!

Sunday Morning Worship

Taizé Prayer Service
7PM, first Friday of most months

Healing Prayer Service
7PM, second Tuesday of each month
Phone: 612-524-9180

Our parking lot is located on the NE corner of 46th & Bryant Ave.
Sts. Luke & James
4557 Colfax Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55419